Computer Vision based Quality Control

The Problem: Manufacturing is one of the most labour intensive industries and is prone to human error. Hence it requires constant supervision and quality control at every step of the process to ensure a high quality output. This increases the cost of production and errors directly affect the bottomline.
Our Proposed Solution: - Computer vision AI can be used to supervise
production activities and ensure quality control checks are enforced on
machinery, workers and products at every stage of the manufacturing process.

ROI: Higher quality output due to elimination of human errors. Lower costs due to decreased need for manual supervision.

Managing Production Timelines using Machine Learning

The Problem: Managing the supply chain to achieve optimum inventory levels to be able to fulfill all orders in a timely fashion is one of the key success factors in manufacturing. However, even with sophisticated ERP systems, this still requires an experienced human with knowledge and
experience of the market to manage it.

Our Proposed Solution: Machine learning based predictive analytics can
help in managing production timelines by maintaining optimal levels of
inventory based on a variety of factors such as order pipeline, historical
data, weather conditions, socio-political factors, etc. and scheduling jobs
optimally. It can further aid delivery time/mode/route optimization to

ROI: Ensure all orders are fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner. Lower costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Improving time & cost efficiencies in R&D

The Problem: R&D is an arduous, time consuming and expensive process which requires a lot of complex analysis based on multiple data points and is highly dependent on the abilities of individual research analysts.

Our Proposed Solution: Using AI in R&D equipment to automate portions of
experiments by identifying vision based characteristics and suggesting next steps, auto-complete findings, and suggest conclusions. Voice based AI such as Alexa can be trained with specific data scraped from various sources on the world wide web to assist in experiments. Collecting and analyzing data and using Machine Learning to identify patterns will reveal insights in experiments and aid research and new product development.

ROI: Accelerated R&D resulting in reduced costs, higher accuracy and better products. Ability to identify new patterns and insights that
humans may miss.