Industry Use cases

Finance Operations

  • Predicting Late Payments and Automating Proactive Actions.

  • AI based Document Digitization and Processing.

  • Automating AP and maximizing Discounts.

Healthcare Industry

  • Personal AI Health Assistant.

  • Assisting Medical Professionals in Diagnosing Diseases.

  • AI Powered EHR.


Energy & Utilities Industry

  • Managing Utility Outages.

  • Monitoring and Optimizing Utility Usage.

  • Using Drones and Computer Vision for Maintenance.

Manufacturing Industry

  • Computer Vision based Quality Control

  • Managing Production Timelines using Machine Learning.

  • Improving time & cost efficiencies in R&D.

Life-sciences & Pharmaceuticals Industry

  • Improving time & cost efficiencies in R&D.

  • Assisting in Clinical Trials.

  • AI in Quality Control.

Human Resources Industry

  • Digitizing HR and removing human bias.

  • Benefits Personalization using Machine Learning.

  • Personal AI Assistant for improved Employee Health & Wellness.

Hospitality Industry

  • AI Powered Incidentals Management.

  • Sentiment Analysis for Personalization & Social Media Marketing.

  • Enhancing Security using Computer Vision.

Food Industry

  • AI in food quality control.

  • AI powered new product development.

  • AI led Market research and Marketing campaigns..