Human Resources

Digitizing HR and removing human bias

The Problem: The HR processes of recruitment, on-boarding, training and ongoing support are time consuming, frustrating and siloed with a heavy reliance on manual processing which makes it expensive and susceptible to human bias.

Our Proposed Solution: HR Chatbot for digitizing end to end HR processes of recruitment, on-boarding, training and ongoing support to improve processing efficiencies, reduce costs and improve employee and contractor satisfaction. Our technology uses a multitude of latest technologies such as NLP, OCR, AI & ML to digitize the process and reduce human bias.

ROI: Improved processing efficiencies, reduced costs and greater employee and contractor satisfaction.

Benefits Personalization using Machine Learning

The Problem: Employees are generally overwhelmed by the number of
choices and varying structures of benefit plans and struggle to make sense of which benefit plan to choose. They often end up choosing the wrong one which may give them too much or too little coverage. Efficient use of benefits is also an issue.

Our Proposed Solution: ML driven personalized plans which considers an
employees family status, health status, financial status, claims data, usage
data and risk assessment data to come up with more personalized benefits
recommendations on choice of healthcare plan, 401K investments, and other benefits.

ROI: Improved employee outcomes since they choose the right plan with
greater confidence and lower friction.

Personal AI Assistant for improved Employee Health & Wellness

The Problem: In today’s fast paced world, most people don’t have the time to monitor their health proactively and end up going to the doctor in a reactive mode. Also, sometimes patients are unable to recognize symptoms or ignore them causing long term health issues.

Our Proposed Solution: Voice enabled AI health assistant that analyzes large volumes of data from consumer and medical IoT devices such as Smart watches, Fitness trackers, CPAP masks, Biosensors and assists in health related tasks like recommending and setting up doctor's appointments, sending notifications/reminders, symptoms checking, prescription filling, diet recommendations, health & wellness coaching etc.

ROI: Better patient health & wellness. Better usage of healthcare facilities and devices. Fewer missed appointments.