AI Powered Incidentals Management

The Problem: The hospitality industry relies heavily on selling incidentals such as food and beverages, entertainment services, wellness services, merchandise etc. However, their usage is sometimes limited due to difficulty in placing orders and lack of effective marketing.

Our Proposed Solution: - AI powered app for preordering incidentals such as wellness services, entertainment packages, merchandise, food and beverages etc. Premium valet service for ‘In-seat' or ‘in-room' delivery. Machine Learning can predict user preferences and expedite the order placement process by suggesting items in an order. ML can also help providers estimate demand and employ staff, stock items accordingly. AI based image recognition can help in making sure the right item is picked up by or delivered to the right customer.

ROI: Increased revenue from incidentals. Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

Sentiment Analysis for Personalization & Social Media Marketing

The Problem: Hospitality is a reputation based industry and customers are our best source of managing this and our best (or worst) marketeers. Ensuring customer delight and proactive management of social media posts is critical for success in this industry.

Our Proposed Solution: Machine Learning based personalization with
notifications to help customers book preferred services at lowest cost, notifications to attend events they like, welcome notification when they check in, small touches go a long way in this industry in ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty and word of mouth marketing. Customer centric social media management; AI can help proactive management of social media posts by analyzing customer sentiments and fixing issues before they escalate.

ROI: Increased customer engagement, personalization, and satisfaction. Higher repeat business and word of mouth marketing.

Enhancing Security using Computer Vision

The Problem: Security is a critical success factor in the hospitality industry since it is typically a soft target for trouble makers. However security requires a lot of manual labour and is not foolproof.

Our Proposed Solution: Deep learning based object detection can recognize items which are in violation of the facility policies and enforce rules. Metal detector readings can be analyzed using spectrograms to recognize potential threats without missing anything.

ROI: Increased level of security and safety. Lower risk of human errors. Lower cost due to reduced manual labor. More efficient security
checking resulting in enhanced customer experience and eventually more customers coming thru the gate.