AI in food quality control

The Problem: Quality control and health & safety is a critical element of the
food industry. Due to the high cost of quality testing, today most companies
use a variety of random sampling techniques to monitor food quality.
However the cost of any errors is extremely high and could be catastrophic for a company in this industry.

Our Proposed Solution: Using spectrogram analysis and computer vision
checks at every stage of the manufacturing process, we can ensure ingredient quality is checked at every stage, all correct manufacturing procedures are followed and all health and safety standards for both machinery and workers are met. This will enable food manufacturers to ensure quality of each and every item and not have to resort to random sampling thereby assuring quality with a higher degree of confidence.

ROI: Increased product quality and higher customer satisfaction. Lower health & safety risks. Reduced labour costs. Eliminate high cost
of product recalls, or damage caused to the brand equity.

AI powered new product development

The Problem: It is difficult to predict customer responses to a particular new food product. There are various factors such as taste, texture, color, packaging, price etc. and what makes it much more complex is that these factors vary with variations in demographic groups, cultural factors, geographic locations, climatic conditions etc.

Our Proposed Solution: - Use of Machine Learning and predictive analytics to predict consumer responses to new products. This data can be segmented to help companies develop new products that match preferences of different target audiences.

ROI: Increased success rate in new product launches, resulting in higher product adoption and more sales.

AI led Market research and Marketing campaigns.

The Problem: Market research to understand consumer behavior is needed to empower marketing campaigns and determine the right pitch to audiences. However market research is labor intensive, time consuming and expensive.

Our Proposed Solution: A deep-learning based solution that analyses millions of image and video records to analyze consumer behavior and inform marketing decisions or even recommend marketing pitches.

ROI: Increased marketing effectiveness. Faster time to market and more sales.