Energy & Utilities

Managing Utility Outages

The Problem: Utility outages such as power cuts or water shutdowns are
extremely disruptive to consumers and businesses. Traditionally this has been managed by predicting the conditions which cause these outages and proactively managing them. However, there are so many data points, that it is requires very complex analysis, which most humans may not be to do unless they are highly experienced.

Our Proposed Solution: Machine learning can help analyze millions of data points and look at historical data to predict outages and pin point the reason for those outages. This will enable utility companies to proactively manage these events and minimize outages. For instance overgrown trees colliding with electric cables could be one of the key reasons for outages. ML data analysis can help pinpoint this issue and computer vision based proactive tree maintenance can help address the issue.

ROI: Increased customer satisfaction due to fewer outages. Fewer outages also prevents financial losses to both utility companies as well
as businesses improving productivity and bottomline for everyone.

Monitoring and Optimizing Utility Usage

The Problem: As the world is running out of energy sources, every effort needs to be made to conserve energy and optimize use of these resources. Rising energy costs are also a concern for consumers.

Our Proposed Solution: With the use of machine learning and data gleaned from various sources such as IoT devices, historical analysis of usage data, consumer patterns and preferences, we can help consumers proactively manage their utility usage and suggest ways in which this can be optimized. Consumers can also be encouraged to move to more sustainable sources of energy.

ROI: Increased customer engagement, personalization, and satisfaction. Better use of energy resources and increased adoption of sustainable energy sources. Increased adoption of IoT smart home devices.

Using Drones and Computer Vision for Maintenance

The Problem: Maintenance of utility facilities is a highly manual labor intensive process and is prone to errors of oversight. These can have an impact on both a utility companies profitability as well as potential health & safety hazards for consumers.

Our Proposed Solution: Using a combination of drones and computer vision technology to proactively identify maintenance issues and schedule maintenance staff visits or alert consumers to fix potential hazards.

ROI: Better maintenance of utility equipment and infrastructure. Lower maintenance costs. Lower risks. Higher customer satisfaction.