Computer Vision based Remote Object Detection & Tracking

The Problem: Human surveillance is error prone and can deteriorate due to soldier fatigue. The customer wanted to leverage AI to enhance the weapons mounted on their tanks such that they are able to remotely detect and track insurgents, terrorists & enemy vehicles, and, distinguish them from civilians and their automobiles.

Our Solution: We implemented a complex combination of a deep-learning solution coupled with a custom algorithm implementation that helped our Client develop an AI powered remote objectdetection and tracking weapons system to track people, cars and objects.

ROI: The AI powered remote weapons system significantly enhanced the capabilities of the customer.

AI in Equipment & Artillery Maintenance

The Problem: Maintaining military equipment such as tanks, aircrafts, navy
ships and artillery requires a lot of manual inspectors and maintenance crew.

Our Proposed Solution: Using computer vision based analysis to enhance
maintenance of military equipment, proactively identifying issues and raising 
maintenance requests. This can be combined with the use of predictive analytics to predict service damages to equipments based on the region,frequency and type of operation.

ROI: Better maintenance of equipments and artillery reducing possibilities of human errors. Lower staff requirements reducing costs.

Enhanced & Lower Risk ISR

The Problem: Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnoissance (ISR) requires human expertise since its success depends on a variety of factors which can be learnt only thru years of experience. Also, manned missions risk the lives of military personnel.

Our Proposed Solution: Using Machine learning to analyze multiple data points such as terrain mapping, weather forecasts, historical data, and data related to other relevant events etc. to determine optimal decision making, for instance optimal routes and times for ISR activities. Image based AI can also enable unmanned vehicles and drones to carry out ISR operations with a high degree of accuracy.

ROI: Better Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnoissance outcomes. Lower costs of operations. Lower risk for personnel due to increased use of unmanned vehicles and drones in ISR.