Junior Data Scientist

About the job :

Responsibilities :

● Responsibilities include Identify, develop and implement the appropriate statistical
   techniques, algorithms and Deep learning / ML Models to create new, scalable solutions that
   address business challenges across industry domains.
● Define and develop, maintain and evolve data models, tools and capabilities.
● Communicate your findings to the appropriate teams through visualisations.
● Collaborate and communicate findings to diverse stakeholders.
● Provide solutions but not limited to: Object detection/Image recognition, natural language
   processing, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling, Concept Extraction, Recommender
   Systems, Text Classification, Clustering , Customer Segmentation & Targeting, Propensity
   Modeling, Churn Modeling, Lifetime Value Estimation, Forecasting, Modeling Response to
   Incentives, Marketing Mix Optimization, Price Optimization.

Qualifications and Experience :

● Bachelors Computer Science, Information Systems, Machine Learning, Statistics,
   Econometrics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research or related technical degree with
   ability to break complex business problems.
● Minimum of 1 to 3 years of experience in a related position, as a data scientist or business
   analyst building predictive analytics solutions for various types of business problems.
● Knowledge of statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms and deep learning
   frameworks like Tensorflow, Theano, Keras, Pytorch.
● Minimum 1 years of Programming background and expertise in building models using at
   least one of the following languages: Python, R ,Java, C,C++.

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Location : 

Blackstraw.ai , Chennai, 4th floor, Tower C, Ratha Tek Meadows Rd, Elcot Sez, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119, India