About the job :

Job Summary:

         The Project Manager will be in charge of schedules, budgets, resources and deliverables for the projects they are in charge of. The candidate should be able to monitor and guide all teams to make sure project goals and deliverables are being met. Knowledge of the larger picture without neglecting granular details while tracking project health, staying alert for risk and resolving issues as they arise. Maintain standards and monitor scope, ensure project quality and handle documentation. Handling communication with all stakeholders on daily status calls.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  ● Oversees strategic plan, monitoring and adapting as needed.
  ● Create & manage project plans.
  ● Define project schedules, allocate resources and monitor progress.
  ● Align and maintain project objectives with company goals, and make sure project
     team is clear on objectives.
  ● Monitors production and quality of the code.
  ● Identifies and resolves issues and risks
  ● Reports on project progress, offers viable solutions and opportunities as they
  ● Manages resources to make sure schedule is on track.
  ● Create and maintain all project related documentation.
  ● Lead meetings and set expectations for project team.
  ● Reporting on projects and portfolios.
  ● Align project objectives with company goals, and make sure project team is clear
     on objectives.


  ● 8+ years experience in project management, especially enterprise clients and
     scalable projects.
  ● Prior experience in handling enterprise level software projects will is key for this
  ● PMP certification preferred; PMO experience preferred.
  ● Analytical and strong organizational skills, with excellent verbal and written ability.
  ● Proficiency with related software tools including but not limited to
     ProjectManager.com, JIRA, MS Excel, etc.
  ● Expertise in conflict resolution.
  ● Business & IT strategy experience.
  ● Detail-oriented.
  ● Customer-focused mindset.
  ● Knowledge of related software tools.
  ● Proven leadership skills.
  ● Ability to keep the bigger picture in mind while working on individual phases.

Company Profile:

         Conceptualized as far back as 2015, and commencing full-time operations in 2018, Smartstraw India Pvt Ltd is a software products and services company specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning solutions for various industries. We support businesses around the world, including NorthAmerica, Europe and Asia, working to simplify AI implementation through our platform that expedites data labelling, AI model-training, and, cloud or on-premise deployments. With more than 100 years of combined work-experience, the 100+-strong Smartstraw. Team comprises of various experts in the AI value chain. We are a fast-moving team that prides ourselves in rapidly identifying different use-cases and fine-tuning our products to suit specific business needs. We are focused on providing solutions related to computer vision, natural language processing, Data annotation tool for deep learning models, etc. To stay competitive in
business, it is key for organizations to adopt and implement smart AI solutions and service offerings. However, most companies are unable to implement AI rapidly due to the complexity of existing solutions, inadequate data and cost implications. Our mission is to enable enterprises to adopt AI in an easier, cost-effective and time-efficient manner with a plug-and-play approach to their data. Smartstraw operations are based out of Mumbai and Chennai, India.

Experience: 8+years.

Notice: 15 days / Immediate joiners.

Location: Chennai.

Technical Project Manager

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Location : 

Blackstraw.ai , Chennai, 4th floor, Tower C, Ratha Tek Meadows Rd, Elcot Sez, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119, India